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Why Choose Diamond Back Classic Radial Tires?

For years, Diamond Back Classics has been the producer of custom wide whitewall, redline, blueline and goldline tires. Utilizing the latest and highest quality manufacturing process, Diamond Back Classics provides you with all of the advantages of modern day safety, handling and ride quality of a radial tire with the look of yesteryear. Whether it is Michelin, Firestone, Goodyear, Federal or a Cooper tire, Diamond Back Classics vulcanizes custom sidewall treatments to any modern day radial tire in our plant located in South Carolina.

At Diamond Back Classics, we understand that the right car with the wrong tire can be a catastrophe! Our job is to not let that happen. We know the frustration. Your car is behind schedule, over budget, you can’t find parts and your spouse just doesn’t understand. But eventually, it all comes together and it is time for that first ride. All of the time and money you have invested is useless if the tires are wrong. Your car must not only look good but it must perform, ride and handle well too.

Here, we are different. We don’t use outdated molds and no name manufacturers. We use only tires made by major manufacturers. All modern technology is available to you and you still get that nostalgic look you want. Warning! When shopping for tires, always find out who the original manufacturer is. What you see is not always what you get.

Our quality control department insures that only the highest quality products leave our facility. Problems with balancing, traction, irregular wear patterns, excessive weight and noise levels are virtually non existent. We know and understand that valuable assets ride on our products….your many hours of sweat and tears, busted knuckles and thousands of dollars, and now you are ready for the road. Why settle for second best and second rate products when you can buy Diamond Back Classics? You get more choices, better quality and lower prices!

Why Choose Radial Tires Instead of Bias Ply?
Why Diamond Back Whitewalls Don't Turn Yellow
The Name Game: Things Are Not Always As They Appear


Why whitewalls eventually lose their whiteness and start to look yellow is no mystery. It happens because the chemicals from the black rubber eventually leach into the whitewall rubber. Then, over time, those chemicals will bleed right through to the surface of the softer white rubber, where light and air turn them yellow over their entire surface.

But I have an answer to that problem. A few years back, I came up with a way to keep all that from happening. It involves a white rubber formula that I developed myself, and now, that formula is a closely guarded secret (like that famous fried chicken recipe). Today, our whitewall material is actually made up of three layers, not just one.

The bottom layer is black rubber for maximum adhesion to the tire’s sidewall. It’s the exact same rubber formulation they use to make truck retreads — very strong stuff. That’s because “like materials” bond best. In the middle is a special butyl barrier layer. The butyl layer blocks the staining chemicals that will try to come through from the back. Nothing can pass through this layer. The white “face” layer itself is made up of my own white rubber formula. This is why Diamond Back claims its whitewalls are whiter, and that they will also stay whiter. It’s not an empty claim, and I don’t take it lightly — and neither should you. I just wanted you to know how we can make that claim in our marketing and advertising. I say it because it’s true.

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Did you ever buy tires for your classic car from a specialty tire company, with a "Big Brand Name" on the sidewall? I'm sure you felt good about that. After all, you thought you bought the best. Or wait a minute...did you? Like most folks, you assumed you bought a tire made by the tire company whose name is on the sidewall. Well, if it was a whitewall, redline, or similar specialty sidewall tire with a big manufacturer's name on it, it’s unlikely that they made it! Here's what I’m talking about:

The big-name U.S. tire manufacturers are always taking old molds out of service for various reasons. When they are no longer useful to those big-name companies, they are often sold. These molds are then replaced with new ones that operate better and make a better tire. So who buys those old molds? Classic tire companies, among others. The molds are then placed in small factories, many of which are in foreign countries. Now they’re made privately, but with that big brand name still on the side. It’s all legal. But the tires are not made by who you think.

I’ll just say this: Radial tires have to be precisely built, and the molds must operate perfectly, so I don't think it's a good idea to re-use molds that are outdated. The truth is, the major manufacturers won't use outdated equipment.

So the original radial tire molds are taken out of production, and they are sold. They are then used by a small manufacturer to make tires with the big company's name still on them, which they do under license. So just don't assume the name on the sidewall tells you who made the tire. It doesn’t. Always ask.

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