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Dear DB Classic Tire,

I would like to take a few minutes to thank you for a great product. Within the last few weeks we purchased our second set of DBC whitewalls for our 1935 Ford Sedan. We just completed a three week, 5,200 mile trek around the United States in the sedan. Our journey from the West Coast to Chicago on "The Mother Road", Route 66, proved to be challenging and just plain fun. We saw all kinds of people, places and sights all along the way. The Route 66 tour these days is a bit difficult because much of the road is either not used or non-existent for various reasons, but there is enough of it left to be a fun and interesting trip. The return route we chose was a northerly one for a look at some different areas of the U.S..

The tires did a great job, in rain, on partially unpaved roads, extreme heat (120 degrees in the desert) and whatever we threw at them... they worked well and never gave us a moments concern. I wasn't surprised to be asked about the tires many times as we made stops along the way.

Once again, thanks for a great product.


Oscar and Cheral Will


The tires are great. The quality and finish of your product is something to be proud of. The difference in ride quality is like running on the street in hard leather dress shoes compared to walking on thick carpet in fuzzy slippers...soft and smooth Daddy-O!!!!

Thanks for all your help and to the guys who built my tires.

Albert Traille


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