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What Ruins Whitewall Tires?

If you have your car serviced and the tires have to be removed for any reason, be sure you are there to supervise how they are handled. Chemical agents such as oils and grease can affect the white rubber to cause permanent problems. And guess what will cause permanent staining of whitewalls? Stacking tires with the black side of one tire against the white sidewall of another! Remember what I said about how chemicals from black rubber will leach into white rubber? Well, there is no protective barrier on the outside of the white rubber, so if the tires are stacked one on another, or even leaned against one another, it can happen very fast. It looks like a brown stain — and it’s permanent. All the cleaning agents in the world won’t get rid of it.

What it means is that you should never leave your whitewall tires unattended in a service shop. They might get moved and stacked. Also, be sure to tell the service technicians right up front not to touch the whitewall itself with greasy, dirty hands!

And speaking of ruining whitewall tires, right here is the perfect place to mention how NOT to clean your whitewalls. If you want to ruin them over time, one of the best ways is to use cleaners that contain bleach. Yep...whitewall cleaner. Now you’re probably thinking “But I’ve always used whitewall cleaner.” Yes, it gets them clean alright, but what you will notice over time is that the whitewalls start to get dried out and lose that nice “smooth and shiney” surface quality (which also makes them easy to clean). If your whitewalls are dried out already, that’s probably why. Instead of whitewall cleaner, use a soap pad or a scrubby sponge with a cleaning agent like 409, Simple Green, etc. And never use tire coatings on the whitewall. They can cause discoloration, too.

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