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Diamond Back Tires


One of the first things you will notice is that Diamond Back Classics are extremely easy to clean. Most whitewalls turn dingy or yellow because of the leaching of chemicals (mostly anti-oxidants) into the white material. Because our process uses a butyl lining to stop chemical leeching, you only have to clean the surface dirt. We recommend frequent cleanings with an abrasive cleaning pad. A fine or medium sanding sponge works well. These are available at most hardware stores.

Any good cleaner works OK - Castrol Super Clean, 409, Simple Green, Greased Lightning - just to name a few. Avoid cleaners that contain bleach. Prolonged use of these cleaners can “dry” the whitewall surface. Do not use products such as Armor All on whitewall. This could cause slight discoloration. Whitewall surfaces tend to “dry” with time, heat, ozone, etc. A vigorous cleaning periodically will get rid of the dry surface and help maintain the tire’s beauty. Don’t be afraid to scrub.

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Diamond Back Tires

Diamond Back Classic Tires
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