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Why Choose Radial Tires Intead of Bias Ply?

Some purists think they want bias ply tires on their classic car because they look like the original style tires. Just hold on. Unless you don’t intend to drive the car (except maybe to an occassional show near home), you should be driving on radials. Why? Because they’re much safer. Let’s face it, you’ve got a lot rolling on those tires. I’m not just talking about your investment, but the safety of you and your family.

Radial tires respond much better in an emergency, and that’s critical with all the cars on the road today. In fact, radials just may save your life. In a quick maneuver, the tire tread stays in full contact with the road because of the tire’s construction, giving you maximum control. The radial’s sidewalls can flex, which is what keeps the rubber in contact with the road surface. Bias plies can’t do that, so they inherently handle poorly, and in an emergency, you can easily lose control of the car. Here’s a list of advantages over bias ply tires. You can decide for yourself if they belong on your car.

Faster response and better control
Easier steering effort
Better traction on wet roads
Smoother ride
Less road shock is felt
Longer tread life
Less wandering, straighter tracking
Much better puncture resistance
Better emergency braking
Less rolling resistance, better MPG

As you can see, radial tires are a smart decision. Anything else doesn’t make sense

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