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Modern p-metric radials are designed for higher air pressure. This reduces rolling resistance, reduces heat build-up, and improves your car’s steering response. It also helps prevent damage to your whitewalls. Because of so many applications, specific air pressures cannot be recommended. A good setting for most applications is 35 psi COLD. Remember, air pressure fluctuates with temperature change - frequent pressure checks are recommended, especially when beginning a long trip.

For the street-rodders who frequently use smaller front tires and for the resto-rodders who select smaller tires to achieve that “certain look,” we recommend higher air pressures. Diamond Back offers a large variety of smaller radials designed for higher air pressures – i.e. “H” or “T” speed rated. Remember, your front tires do most of the work. Tires designed for higher pressure (40-44psi) should be considered.


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